What is Rosic?

The Rosic HR management system was launched in Japan in 2003. Since this time, Rosic has been successfully contributing to its clients' strategic intelligence activities by providing a flexible and extensible system and support. Our solution has been recognised as an important factor in our clients' business success.

  • Comprehensive HR database

    At commencement, the precise collation and updating of HR data can be a much more time consuming and difficult task than many people anticipate. Additionally, current business trends require HR data to be stored as interdependent record sets. Business activities related to the use of HR data are constantly expanding. Increasingly, businesses are finding the need to import valuable HR data from various other IT systems. An effective HR Management system must be designed to meet these realities and the specific requirements of a company’s structure.
    Due to the company specific requirements of HR data and its management, there is no simple package solution currently available that is capable of performing these essential tasks.
    Rosic has been carefully designed and developed to be a comprehensive and effective HR database management solution with the capability to be customised to suit your company's unique business needs.

  • Effective tool for people
    working in HR management

    HR management is one of most important strategic areas in business. It is not enough to use preset templates prepared by system vendors to solve your individual problems and objectives. An HR management system must contribute to the intellectual activities of people engaged in HR management on a daily basis. Rosic has been carefully designed and developed to be a flexible and practical tool for your HR management activities.

  • Strong support for utilizing HR
    data for effective HR management

    Rosic features a variety of data analytics functions and modules. These functions and modules have been developed based on our experience working with executives, business leaders, and HR managers. Rosic not only offers outstanding functionality and flexibility but ongoing support in the construction of complicated HR data systems; data systems that are robust enough to be analysed correctly and practically through the most meticulous scrutiny.

Why choose Rosic?

Many of Japan's leading companies, including several global enterprises, have chosen Rosic as their HR data management solution. Our experience and knowledge will help you to build a comprehensive HR database and to actively utilize your HR data effectively.

Reasons they chose Rosic

Structure of services.

It is vital that an HR management system is capable of supporting your company’s unique strategic processes. Rosic provides a package with various optional modules and customization flexibility to deliver a bespoke solution tailored to each company's specific needs.

Quality of the Rosic
package system

The development of Rosic has been overseen by an experienced business applications software engineer, a business applications software architect and, an executive manager with extensive experience as an HR Manager and Consultant.

An abundance of
optional modules

Rosic provides an extensible design through various optional modules. These modules have been designed based on feedback received from our customers, including system users, HR managers, Managing Directors and Executives. Rosic's users enjoy practical and advanced solutions tailored to their needs.

Quality of customization

Infotecnos Consulting has been developed various business software applications for over 16 years. This experience and knowledge contributes to the customization flexibility inherent within the Rosic system.

Extensibility and

Business needs are constantly changing and expanding. An HR management system must be both agile and extensible in order to provide value to those engaged in HR management strategies. Rosic provides high quality modules and customization to meet these ongoing demands.

Quality of implementation

Our implementation consultants have extensive experience and knowledge in both HR management and HR systems. We work closely with our customers to understand their unique problems and objectives. We assist our customers to solve their problems and realize their objectives through better use of systems and data.

Thorough support

Infotecnos Consulting provides total customer support. In addition to trouble shooting and technical support, we provide advice and assistance to help our customers achieve optimal use of their system. Our customers can enjoy the full benefit of our expertise.


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Infotecnos Consulting (ITC) provides and supports the establishment of IT systems that contribute to their customer’s ongoing business success. ITC was founded in 2000 and, in 2003, introduced the Rosic HCM product range. Since then, ITC has successfully expanded its business each year. Today, many of Japan’s leading companies, including several global enterprises, have chosen ITC as their trustworthy business partner.

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